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Twin Russian blue kittens

الحزام الدائري، عمان تم إضافة الإعلان في 05:48, 14 مارس 2018, رقم الإعلان: 3624

I have males and females available now for​ ​sale to a pet loving and caring home .My kittens are purebred Russian blue from same parents. They are well-balanced

​ ​with a broad, mod​​​ified wedge head, full cheeks, wide-set, medium-size​ ​ears​ ​, strong neck and medium-to-long legs with an oval blue eyes and​ ​weights 3.6 pounds .
They are all 10 weeks old,affectionate with good​ ​personality,intelligent and energetic.They

​will come with paper works . Feline distemper, de wormed, vet checked and​ ​vaccinated, .They are well-socialized with​ ​humans, loves attention and cuddling and are also very playful, easy going​ ​and adventurous..With this ,they can go with kids and as well as other home pets. I am selling because of the nature of my new job

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ssd chemical solution and activation powder for sell

ssd chemical solution and activation powder for sell

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