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Programming with Swift

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This course introduces programming fundamentals to students using Swift, the programming language for OS and iOS that is used for developing apps for the Mac or for iPhone and iPad.

The main focus is this course is on the language basics, hence it uses mainly the Playground in Xcode. Moreover, it also introduces the basic GUI objects and concepts in building apps.

Upon completion of the course, students should be:-

Aware of basic datatypes in Swift, such as Bool, Int, Double, String, Range, and Date.
Aware of Variables and Constants.
Aware of Functions, parameters, and return values.
Aware of Arrays.
Able to define own data structures using struct.
Aware of conditions using if ..else
Aware of loops using for
Aware of enumerated datatype.
Aware of Switch
Able to write code to solve problems such as: Calculating the area of a shape, finding the age using date of birth, determining whether a year is a leap year or not, finds the maximum value among a group of values, .. etc
Aware of the basics of user graphical interface, such as images, buttons, labels, outlets, actions, and constraints.
Able to develop an app to display an image, mix colors, build a simple game of (Rock, Paper, Scissors), and Play sounds.

Coming courses can cover other topics such as building apps with multiple screens, using databases, using files, communicating with a server, etc.

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The session is 90 minutes for 15 JDs


Shadi Hani